Welcome to My Professional Website

A graduate of Yale University (TD ’10/F&ES ’11), I am embarking on the start of my professional career in urban systems optimization, focused on circular systems and environmental efficiency, as well as transportation and land use cohesiveness, which builds upon undergraduate research that culminated in my senior thesis.

I look to continue these lines of inquiry in my first position out of graduate school, where I can take my passion for sustainability and our human society and think strategically about where we are headed in the future. The question of how we combine increasing prosperity (and living standards) around the world with resource scarcity and ecological constraints will define the 21st century, and I am to take a holistic perspective.

This website is intended to be an extended introduction to me and my work, and I will regularly post thoughts in the blog. Also, take a look at my current resume and a selected portfolio of academic and professional work.

Feel free to contact me with anything at:

john . p . good [at] gmail . com

and connect with me on LinkedIn.